Real-time Black Lists (RBL)

What is a RBL?

a Real-time Black List is a list of Open Relays IP addresses that is maintained up-to-date. an Open Relay is a machine that allows spams to be transfered through itself. Some sites maintain RBLs and make them public. SpamTueur is able to connect to one or more of these sites to test an IP address. The addresses that SpamTueur checks against RBLs are extracted from the 'Received' fields in a message. To avoid many useless connections to RBLs, some IP addresses are not checked: the localhost ( and all addresses specified in the RBL configuration file.

Description of the RBL configuration file

Each line is described as:

            key: value

Table 4. Possible criteria in the RBL file

"ip"regular expression: IP address that will not be checked
"rbl"RBL server name

Examples of RBLs on the internet