Black list

What is a black list?

It is a list of criteria that make a message deleteable

Description of the file

Each line is described as:

            criteria: value

Table 3. Possible criteria in the black list

"order"list of criteria ("sender" | "subject" | "to" | "cc" | "id" | "charset" | "body" | "body-re" | "repeated-link" | "mime-document-name" | "mime-type-size" | "date") separated by ' '
"sender"regular expression: fields "From:", "Reply-To", "Return-Path", "Sender"
"subject"regular expression: field "Subject"
"to"regular expression: field "To"
"cc"regular expression: field "CC"
"id"regular expression: field "Message-ID"
"charset"regular expression: charset used in subject or body content
"body" *string (in plain text or HTML text) the body of the message
"body-re" *regular expression: the body of the message
"repeated-link" *integer: maximum number of times the same HTML link is repeated
"mime-document-name" *regular expression: the file name of the attached document, or the files names of a ZIP archive
"mime-type-size" *2 strings separated by ' '. The first is the mime type, the second is the maximum size (in kb) allowed for thsi mime type.
"date"integer: maximum number of hours between current date and sending date (message sent in the future)

Criteria fommowed by '*' automatically trigger the full mode (body analyzing) except if the quickmode option is specified (-q or --quickmode). In the latter case, these options are ignored.

It is possible to comment a line with '#'.


              # apply filters in the following order
order: sender subject charset body mime-document-name mime-type-size
# delete messages from this address
# delete messages from these domains
sender: .*
sender: .*
sender: .*
sender: .*
# delete messages with these subjects
# This one is ambien but also tricky amb1en or @mbien
subject: [a@]mb[i1]eN
subject: c[i1][a@][l|1][i1]s
subject: credit card debt
subject: degree online
# This is "hi" only, not "his"
subject: ^hi$
subject: v.[a@]gr[a@]
subject: v[i1]c[0o]d[i1]n
subject: x[a@]n[a@]x
# simple text (quick analysis)
body: reduce cholesterol
body: refinance today
body: removemeplease
body: www.getsoftnow
# regular expression (slow analysis)
# means links like www.<some numbers>.com
body-re: www\.[\d]*\.com
mime-document-name: cmo\.jpg
mime-document-name: .*your villa\.jpg
mime-document-name: .*\.pif
# delete messages with big images (>500 kbytes)
mime-type-size: image/jpeg 500
mime-type-size: image/gif 500
# delete messages from asia
charset: gb2312
charset: big5.*
# delete messages sent in 48 hours
date: 48
# delete messages with HTML links repeated more than 3 times
repeated-link: 3