White list

What is a white list?

It is a list of criteria that make a message non-deleteable

Description of the file

Each line is described as:

            criteria: value

Table 2. Possible criteria in the white list

"order"list of criteria ("sender" | "subject") separated by ' '
"sender"regular expression | Address book reference
"subject"regular expression
An address book reference can be:

It is possible to comment a line with '#'.


              # apply filters in the following order
order: sender subject
# save messages from people in my Mozilla address book
sender: mozilla-abook=/home/me/.mozilla/dgte5ge/abook.mab
# save messages from people from my company
sender: ldap-abook=ldap.mycompany.com;o=mycompany, c=com
# save messages from her
sender: her@herdomain.com
# save messages from thisdomain.com
sender: .*@thisdomain.com
# save message with 'spamtueur' in the subject
subject: spamtueur
# save messages with '[linux]' in the subject
subject: \[linux\]>