Main configuration file


Make your configuration file with help of the example



Table 1. List of available parameters in the configuration file

mail_prot=POP3 | POP3SSL | IMAP | IMAPS | UNIX 
mail_box=name of mail server 
mail_port=port of mail service110 for POP, 995 for POP3SSL, 143 for IMAP and 993 for IMAPS
mail_user=login on the mail servervalue in ~/.netrc
mail_pass=passwordvalue in ~/.netrc
log_dir=log directoryworking directory (.)
log_file=log file namelogin@server_name.log
whitelist=file containing the white list 
blacklist=file containing the black list 
accept_bad_html=yes | no does SpamTueur accept badly formed HTMLyes
accept_bad_format=yes | no does SpamTueur accept badly formed message (RFC2822 no-compliant)yes
rbl_file=file containing the list of real-time black lists to query 

Parameters in italic are mandatory. All the others can be commented by '#'.